DSLR camera courses and Photography courses in Oxford


On location or at the Studio.

One to one or small groups sessions.


Special sessions for Camera Clubs or larger groups.

Camera walks and Model shoots arranged.

Photography courses for both beginners and intermediate camera users.


One to One training in all aspects of photography - whether a Point and Shoot or the latest DSLR or using Flash

individually focused on the needs of each student.


Photo editing courses on a One to One basis using Photoshop, Lightroom or other Digital programmes.




The cost of the One to One training tailored to your needs is £90.00 per hour,

(paid in advance, we only accept Cash or Cheques) per person and is not transferable.


Learn to take great photographs,


Lessons are designed to suit your individual needs, on any and all topics relating to photography.

Tuition is £90.00 per hour  or as shown below (paid in advance, we only accept Cash or Cheques) per person and is not transferable..

2 hours @ £ 160.00

3 hours @ £ 240.00

4 hours @ £ 320.00

5 hours @ £ 400.00

Or our six hour course is priced at only £500.00 per person (paid in advance, we only accept Cash or Cheques) and is not transferable.


Cheques must clear before any work is undertaken.


Models can be provided at an additional cost for studio work.


What you get is a course based on your individual needs, or any of the following.


How to use your camera effectively and understand it's settings.

How to compose a good picture and understand and use light well.

Studio Lighting, learning how to set up lights and their placement,

Taking proper meter readings and White balance, using a Grey card and Passport Colour Checker.

Learning the basics of ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed and when to change them to suit the shot you are taking.

How to use your Flash either on camera or off camera.



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